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How often have you wondered, 

“Is that water bottle mine?”

Cassandra Gut founder of H2O ID® created an ID band to reduce the unnecessary waste of plastic bottles, valuable drinking water, and to help prevent the spread of germs or possible food allergy reaction.

How often have you thrown away a perfectly good bottle of water because you didn’t want to risk drinking other people’s germs?


Cassandra felt the need to do something about this common problem and created the H2O ID® band to personalize water bottles.


How the ID band works: write your name on the signature box with a pen/marker, wrap it around the bottle, and drink worry-free.

The H2O ID® purpose is to identify water bottles, be practical, and is available in fun colors and prints. This environmentally conscious product can be used as a distinctive marketing tool for charities and corporations to customize with their logos.

Utilizing this reusable H2O ID® band encourages individuals, corporations, and communities to be part of the solution to protect the environment. Use it anywhere: at work, conferences, trade shows, sporting events, camps, schools, parties, gyms, yoga studios, retreats, charity events, marathons, run/walk, reunions, picnics, and at home!


Prior to becoming an inventor and water advocate Cassandra held corporate and sales positions at Cartier, Chanel, and Gucci for fifteen years in New York City. She is very enthusiastic about the positive impact H2O ID® will make in our every day lives and the environment for future generations.

Cassandra Gut

Personalize it. Drink it. Don’t waste it. H2O ID® it.

Design Patent No. D561,474 and D708,483

H2O ID® is registered trademark of H2O ID®, LLC

SIP ID® is registered trademark of H2O ID®, LLC

BEER ID® is registered trademark of H2O ID®, LLC

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