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Anchor Twelve Pack

How many silicone ID bands would you like to buy for a $1.50 each? 

Sometimes, our factory does not get the printing as perfect as we would like. If you purchase these solid colored H2O ID or SIP ID bands for a $1.50 each please note they will be "slightly imperfect" yet still work great! 


Write your name on the white signature box & always know which drink, bottle, cup, or glass is yours! Hand wash & Air dry. 


Available Color & Units remaining:

H2O ID Silicone bands

Red 15 units left                            Dark Green 3 units left

Orange 15 units left                      Purple 2 units left

Yellow 32 units left                        Pink 14 units left

Green 3 units left


SIP ID Pastel Silicone bands

Powder blue 7 units left             Lavender Purple 8 units left         

Moss green 3 units left               Blush Pink 8 units left            


SIP ID Bright Silicone bands

Aqua 12 units (name will be permanent)

Aqua 14 units (name can be wiped off & changed)

Orange 3 units (name will be permanent)

Orange 2 units (name can be wiped off & changed)

Purple 5 units (name will be permanent)

Purple 4 units (name can be wiped off & changed)

Lime 6 units (name will be permanent)

Lime 9 units (name can be wiped off & changed)






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